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Sislyn stewart is a community. A community for the youth of today and tomorrows future. Sislyn stewart is for creative thinkers. Sislyn stewart is for the teens and tweens who dream. Who want to love in a more beautiful world where they are allowed to dream. Where Hard Work pays off. Where opportunities are available to all. Where They can be inspired and in turn inspire. 

Fashion is a conversation. It talks about who we are. It shows a little of our character. It makes us part of something and brings us together. It can also make us individual and set us a part. It shows our mood. It can reveal our feelings.

Want to join in?

 If you have a website or blog, you can be part of the club by becoming a Sislyn stewart affiliate. You’ll earn some cash too! 

Here's what we do...

 We pay commission on validated sales (excluding delivery charges and VAT) that you drive to our site. Rates of commission vary depending on the type of sales made (for example, we pay 7% on most referred sales). Please see our terms and condition or contact us for further details. 

The Legal Stuff 

There are some sites out there that aren’t quite so trustworthy, so we do need to run some checks before you’re approved on the programme. Plus, we’ll need you to read and stick to the terms and conditions which can view on our programme profile pages. 

The Techy Stuff 

Once you’re on the programme, you’ll have access to loads of creative, as well as our product feed (if you need it). For anything else, just get in touch. Using third party tracking we are able to see which sales came from your website and you should receive the commission within just 8 weeks. 


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