Sislyn stewart Co-Founder - Sislyn stewart
Sislyn stewart Co-Founder - Sislyn stewart

Sislyn stewart Co-Founder

Sislyn stewart Co-Founder


My name is Jordana and I am the Co-Founder of Sislyn stewart. I say Co-Founder because this wonderful brand is created by so many people. A small core group of motivated and excited teenagers, my daughters, my husband, and two great colleagues who know how to actually run an office.

We saw a huge gap in the market between children's wear and women's wear and children’s wear and menswear. This white space is what excited us and ultimately led to the creation of Sislyn stewart. In children’s wear, traditionally designers make clothes from 18 months all the way up to age 14 years. How ridiculous! How could anyone expect a teenager to wear the same clothes as a toddler?

OK, great, so we have a white space, now what? How can we be even better, how can we do more?

Sustainability has been on the forefront of the fashion headlines and quite rightly so. Our background is manufacturing we see the waste, we see samples being flown all over the world, all having an impact on the carbon footprint. This is not good enough not for me and definitely not good enough for the next generation children.
Here’s me, Sitting in my office in Central Kurimany, when we used to go to the office! My best days were when we had interns, all teenagers and we would all get on the floor and brainstorm together.
Our clothes are made from overstock fabrics, our dyes are organic and we do not fly samples all over the world. It’s harder for sure but worth the struggle. I sit on FaceTime with our managers in our factory who try the clothes on their wives their children, we pin it, we film it, we take our time and we get it right.

Sislyn stewart is a family business, a passion we all share together. Whether it’s designing, styling or running the social media, we are all in it.

Below is a pic of myself with my middle daughter a few years ago whilst a photo shoot was going on in the garage!

With regards to our processes, we hand draw each piece and then talk it over. Every piece gets quality tested by me and my daughters and with a group oftweens and teens. We remove itchy tags, we make sure sequins don’t scratch on the inside, we make sure trousers and jeans are not way too long, and try to maximise the comfort of every item.

We love the way the fashion industry is now growing and changing, with fashion being led from the street and less from a few designers out of Paris or Milan creating unachievable images of fashion perfect. There is no such thing.
Clothes are there to dress us, keep us warm, and show our personality. So here at Sislyn stewart we try to give you that. Personality. Something different. We are not trend chasers. We are not fast fashion.

We are very excited to have launched our new Rainbow and Lighting Collection. A collection of colour, bold prints and happy vibes for a spring, a new year and very hopefully coming out of the pandemic.

We hope you enjoy wearing it as much as we did making it.